Our Team

Project Management

Communication has a lot of moving parts — it’s multi-faceted, multi-platform and involves contributions from creative, editorial, design, and digital professionals. At Onward, we believe the key to a successful project is a dedicated project manager who understands how these pieces come together — on task, on time, and on budget. Your project manager is your concierge and your guide to all of our services.


We’re here to tell your story. Our writers are skilled at interviewing key stakeholders, researching, and writing about complex topics. Our editors refine that work to bring everything together in the voice that speaks most clearly and authoritatively to your audience. Your editorial team oversees the creation of your product from start to finish ensuring that it meets your guidelines and exceeds expectations.


Whether you know your style or need help nailing one, our graphic designers and artists bring a full range of skills to make your visual approach work to its full potential. With a strong foundation in branding, we not only adhere to the details of your brand standards but know how to get creative within those standards — guaranteeing that we find a fresh look for your product.

Video & Photography

It’s more important than ever to be able to communicate visually, from high-end print pieces to targeted social media campaigns. We know you have high standards, and so do we. That’s why we offer full-service video production and photography, and bring talented videographers, animators, and photographers to the table to create engaging experiences for your audience. We also set up an easy production process for you from conceptualization to scheduling to, delivery in any platform.


The print portion of a project is more than hitting “print” and waiting for the copies to arrive. To us, it’s an integral part of design and editorial, with a big impact on how a client’s message is received. When we look at a print project, we think about the paper it will be printed on, the feel of the finish on the page, and how the ink will lay down on it. How is it being distributed? How should it be bound? Onward has deep, 20-year relationships with the world’s largest printers for big print projects, and also with nimble specialty printers that specialize in creative and innovative techniques.