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Communicating a divisive issue – Gun Violence

When Northwell Health approached Onward Publishing about supporting their efforts to curb gun violence, we were amazed at their bold stand.

Each year thousands of people die from gun related injuries, and Northwell Health has declared that firearm injury and mortality prevention should be a part of routine health care. As part of the ongoing effort to advance gun safety, education, violence prevention and research, Northwell established the Center for Gun Violence Prevention at Northwell in February 2020. Northwell continues to advocate to bring more attention to this issue, running a series of national television commercials in 2022.

In 2021, Onward was invited to help tell stories of the victims, advocates and people on the front line of this public health crisis. As we sat with victims, advocates and others, we were touched by their bravery in sharing these stories. The real emotion in their accounts underscored the strength, emotion, and urgency of their message.

Like many of our projects today, it took a multiplatform approach, including on-site video production, print layout and distribution, and microsite development. Today, many of our partners are looking to send a message that can help reach people where they are. When Northwell had their Gun Violence Prevention Summit:

  • On-site attendees received a printed copy of a report summarizing the issue, the progress that has been made, and highlighting stories of survivors, advocates for change and others. The publication also included a grisly look at the impacts of gun violence in gangs.
  • Virtual attendees could view the microsite version of the report
  • Videos were shown in person at the event and used for follow-up online after the event.

The project meant combining print, digital, and video production work to create a multiplatform approach,

Some highlights from this project:

“It’s just not scientifically correct for a mother or father to have to bury their child.”

Monica Cassaberry, Gun violence survivor


“When we talk about gun violence as a public health issue, more people are willing to be a part of the conversation, and be a part of the solution. At some point we will move the needle.”

Adriana Pentz, Gun violence survivor


“What’s moved the needle on gun violence as a whole has been young people sharing their testimonies of gun violence, sharing their experiences — but also bringing forth solutions. We’re going to continue to be hopeful and we’re going to continue to inspire people.”

Luis Hernandez, Founder, Youth Over Guns


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If you’d like to view Northwell’s creative new TV spot highlighting this important issue (not produced by Onward) you can view it below.