The beauty of custom publishing and custom content lies in the power of possibility. For more than 20 years, Onward Publishing has been helping our clients to solve communications problems across many industries. Combining engaging writing, captivating design and beautiful print production with cutting-edge web sites and mobile apps, our high-service approach gets results. Below are some selected examples of that work.

  • National Geographic Custom Publishing

    Challenge: When you’re one of the most venerable names in publishing, you’re constantly approached by companies looking for custom publications, but National Geographic didn’t have the infrastructure Solution: Onward and National Geographic collaborated on a number of custom publications for clients including Airbus, CSX, Seoul and the Association of California Water Agencies.

  • Cath Lab Outcomes

    Challenge: Communicate the cath lab and Dr. Sharma’s impressive clinical outcomes in a format that would suit a diverse clinical audience. Solution: Onward designed an outcomes journal that serves as an annual report and an educational tool. Year-over-year increases in volume and seven-figure revenue were attributed in part to the success of this journal.

  • Cable Home Guide

    Challenge: Help customers understand feature-packed interface of their cable box. Solution: Using clean design and advanced word simplification, we created a clear, visually pleasing guide, written in human language that helped customers connect with the product.

  • Reflections of Seoul

    Challenge: Communicate the beauty of this South Korean city in a way that goes beyond the typical “beauty shot” brochure. Solution: A National Geographic-affiliated photographer visited Seoul on four separate trips and her experiences are shared over a stunning 140-page photo book.

  • Tracks to Tomorrow

    Challenge: Make the case for the wider adoption of high-speed rail in the United States. Solution: 20 pages of content combining the history and promise of high-speed rail with information about Alstom’s solutions.

  • UnitedHealthcare Disease Management Library

    Challenge: Increase patient adherence and improve NCQA results. Solution: These in-depth disease management guides explained diabetes in layman’s terms and communicated the importance of diet, medications and regular doctor visits.

  • Atlantic Health System Heart and Vascular Outcomes

    Challenge: Raise the reputation of Morristown Medical Center and Atlantic Health and tell the story of the top-quality cardiac care taking place at the facility. Solution: A captivating book highlighting the world-class cardiac care taking place at the hospital was mailed to top cardiologists nationwide. As a result of the mailing, for the first time, U.S. News […]

  • Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

    Challenge: Engage UnitedHealthcare members and encourage them to take charge of their health. Solution: A beautiful 28-page magazine that focuses on keeping the mind, body and spirit well through traditional and alternative medicine.

  • Western Connecticut Health Network 2013 Annual Report

    Challenge: Communicate to new and existing stakeholders about the years’ accomplishments while also addressing the pending merger. Solution: We created a mobile responsive website for all platforms, smartphones to desktop, that featured informative videos, also shot by Onward Publishing.

  • Introductory Videos

    Challenge: Introduce the new Center for Well Being and its novel approach to healthcare to the Morristown Community. Solution: In one shoot, we filmed 12 videos explaining the unique aspects of alternative medicine.

  • From The Heart

    Challenge: Create a video-driven web-based annual report. Solution: Our video crew shot patient and CEO video that brought patient stories to life. The video was featured on a modern, easy-to-navigate web site.

  • onHealth

    Challenge: Maximize the value of the content created by the health system by serving it to users in a tablet application format. Solution: We built a new iPad and iPhone application, onHealth, which allows users to choose the information that is most interesting to them, and create a customized magazine-like experience that’s updated daily. The app is […]

  • Cohen Children's Medical Center 2013 Anuual Report

    Cohen Children’s Medical Center 2013 Annual Report

    The Cohen Children Medical Center Annual Report highlights the staff of Long Island’s only dedicated children’s hospital with stories of how they came to this special calling.