Dear Friends,

At North Shore-LIJ, improving the patient experience is our goal each and every day. It is a responsibility that our 54,000 plus employees welcome and take extremely seriously. Equal parts rewarding, demanding and life-changing — our healthcare vocations challenge us and make us proud.

We believe our employees are both the face and future of healthcare. They are innovators, leaders, healers and caretakers. Their work touches patients and families and reaches across generations. Today, more than ever before, their actions have national and international implications. Illnesses like Ebola, for example, once thought to be a problem an ocean and continent away, have tested our capability to respond to a previously unexpected threat within a matter of hours.

We are tested in other ways as well.

The introduction of a new payment model, greater emphasis on population health management and a more diversified business approach - including providing health insurance and exploring new medical ventures — requires an adaptability and expertise that has created both opportunity and pressure unlike any we have seen before. Coupled with our growth and expansion to Brooklyn, Westchester and beyond, these factors will challenge our ability and resolve to view the opportunities presented to us in a new light.

For all the modern healthcare realities we face, we turn to our employees to lead the way. They show us what is possible now and how it will leave a lasting impact tomorrow. The lives they touch and the difference they make through their work is eternal and truly unmatched by any other industry.

Mahatma Gandhi encouraged us to be the change we wished to see in the world. It is not an exaggeration to say that our employees’ work together is doing just that. They are changing the world and turning our collective wish of better health into a reality for all.


Michael J. Dowling
President & CEO
Mark L. Claster