Custom Video Brochures Making an Impact

Creating a compelling and interesting video is hard enough. Getting someone to watch it is another challenge altogether. This is one of several hurdles that a custom video brochure can help overcome.

Limited Time, Unlimited Potential

There was a time when reaching decision makers was as simple as buying a page in the New York Times, or perhaps running a :30 second advertisement on CNN. But with today’s fractured array of media choices, there’s no longer one silver bullet that guarantees you’ll reach your audience, or that they’ll be receptive to your message.

Online video is a great tool. It’s short and sweet, engaging, sharable and can be consumed on any device from a computer to a smartphone. But for some applications, the most valuable customers are sometimes difficult to reach online. Top influencers are busy, they’re inundated with messages, and in some cases, they may be more likely to read a magazine than scan a Facebook feed.

Direct Mail: Meet Video Brochure

We’re pleased to offer a new technology to our clients — the custom video brochure. Imagine a beautifully printed video brochure that plays a full-color, high-resolution video when it is opened. These video brochures are not only attention-getting conversation pieces, but they’re also affordable, especially when you consider the impact they have when opened.

These video brochures are great for:
• Cultivating charitable donations or investment
• Sales of high-ticket items
• Explaining complex concepts or processes (we’re looking at you Ikea)
• Public policy advocacy

We design, print and manufacture these video players to your specifications, with a variety of screen sizes, capacities and interactivity. Send us your own video and we’ll load it on each player, or we can have our team develop a custom video for the device. After they are printed, we can mail them directly to your most influential targets.

Want to find out more? Contact us at or call 631-757-8300.

At Onward and Xelas, we’re working to make custom media more tailored, more direct and more impactful. And we’re proud to bring our customers the best of what’s new to make the most of every marketing dollar.


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