Creating a Content Environment

There was a time in magazine publishing when the wall between editorial and ad sales, “Church and State,” was sacrosanct — it protected the integrity of news content, but also sometimes lead to interesting coincidences and unhappy advertisers. That’s still the case at most magazines, but  as publishers struggle to find their place in the multiscreen world, and marketers have to become masters of content creation, there’s a new hybrid taking form. We like to call this a Content Environment. In this brave new world, editors build on the knowledge of their experienced writing staff to create content that their readers enjoy, that focuses on the interests and lifestyle of the consumer rather than the attributes of the brand.  A recent post on Wall Street Journal’s CMO TODAY looks at this trend. While the old guard newspapers and magazines are still struggling to find their way, content creation is a bright spot for them. From the article:

Meredith Co., for instance, publisher of magazines including Better Homes & Gardens and Family Circle, reported a 35% increase in operating profit at its content marketing group for the December quarter. Its overall national media group, which houses Meredith’s magazines, boosted profit 1% during the period, excluding onetime charges from a year earlier.

And our friends at Time, Inc. see similar success:

Time Inc., which has been in the business for 20 years, says profits from the digital part of its custom content group grew 40% last year, on 20% higher revenue, says Chris Schraft, president of the division. Time Inc. won’t discuss total revenue at the group, including print. The magazine company’s overall revenue fell 2.4% last year.

Onward Publishing is expert in content creation, offering complete editorial services alongside video production. We’re working with our clients to build this kind of content environment. Using the technology behind our app onHealth, we can build a custom tablet magazine interface that brings together custom content that our writers create, the best of the web and our clients’ own content. A link to the original article here:

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